Why Off-the-Shelf Medical Programs Why Off-the-Shelf Medical Programs

Stories are powerful enablers of behavior change.

Quite simply, there are many all-around advantages to purchasing off-the-shelf programs, either on their own or as part of a larger curriculum. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Low Cost

Because our off-the-shelf medical programs are licensed across many organizations, the cost is shared. This translates into an overall cost reduction for you, and an opportunity to own or access more award-winning programs than you ever thought possible within the limits of your budget.

Fast Delivery

One of the main advantages of off-the-shelf training is that it's ready to go—literally off-the-shelf! Custom programs are skillfully tailored to an organization's needs, requiring time in design and development, whereas A.D.A.M.'s off-the-shelf medical programs can be delivered instantly! They are perfect for meeting pressing needs or as an initial program while custom programs are being built, meaning you can begin utilizing the programs immediately!


The A.D.A.M OnDemand™ eLearning programs have been tried and tested by thousands of existing customers. Also, our programs have been proven to work seamlessly in all major LMSs.

Up-to-Date Content

All A.D.A.M. off-the-shelf medical programs are updated periodically by our staff of medical writers, editors, doctors, and illustrators. You can rest assured that the content within these programs is always current and reflects the latest guidelines, studies, and evidence-based findings.

You can see all our available A.D.A.M. OnDemand™ off-the-shelf programs in our online course catalog. Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you are looking for. We have hundreds of programs in the works, and we often develop new off-the-shelf programs based on our customers' needs.