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Is My Institution Eligible for Discounted Academic Licenses?

A.D.A.M. offers academic discounted prices for students, teachers, staff, and institutions.

Academic programs purchased to be used on personal computers or on computers owned by schools may be eligible to receive discounted rates.

The following requirements apply to the United States and Canada.


Requirements & Eligible Institutions

To see if you can purchase programs for your institution at educational discounts, check if you belong to one of the eligible institution types.

* Accredited schools are those that are approved by an association recognized by the US Department of Education/State Board of Education or the Canadian/Provincial Ministries of Education, and whose primary focus is to teach students.

  • Accredited public, private primary, or secondary schools for grades K–12, or school districts for such schools
  • Accredited public or private universities or colleges (including community, junior, or vocational colleges)
  • School administrative offices or boards of education
  • Homeschools approved by A.D.A.M.
  • Government schools in the United States or Canada
  • Named educational entities approved in writing by A.D.A.M.
  • Hospitals in the United States and Canada that are wholly owned and operated by an academic institution
  • Higher education research laboratories that are public education institutions recognized by the US Department of Education or the Canadian/Provincial Ministries of Education that are able to provide legal documentation confirming their relationship with a controlling university

Contact Us to Receive Your Academic Discount

If your institution meets the qualifications above, please contact us to receive an academic or volume discount on the programs you desire.